Comprehensive Services

Roustabout Service

  • Field Services from the weld head to the pipeline
  • Installation and maintenance of field collection tanks and pumping stations
  • Construction and maintenance of Tank Batteries and Salt Water Disposals (SWDs)

Welding & Field Fabrication

  • Field equipment welding & fabrication
  • Welding and fabrication of pipe and pipe spools
  • Welding services for overall security and protection of well sites and fields

Civil Construction

  • Backhoe services – field digging to install lines and other digging to maintain/repair underground lines
  • Direct work – provide field services requiring large dirt moving equipment (dozers, excavators, etc.) to maintain roads, create and close field overflow collection pits
  • Construct drilling pits in pads as well as Tank Battery and SWD pads

Vacuum & Water Trucks Services

  • Field vacuum services of field water collection points
  • Disposal of waste water
  • Water trucks to supply water for drilling operations

Sand Blasting, Painting and Coating

  • Field Services for sandblasting, painting and coating